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Friday, June 3, 2011


"Dgr red skang if smpat"
"Lagu terrified kan? Hehehe.. Dah nyanyi lagu tu kuat2 dlm keta pun..hehe:D"

You by the light is the greatest find
In a world full of wrong you're the thing that's right
Finally made it through the lonely to the other side
This could be good

It's already better than last
And love is worse than knowing
You're holding back
I could be all that you needed
If you let me try

I only said it 'cause I mean it

I only mean it 'cause it's true
So don't you doubt what I've been dreaming
'Cause it fills me up and holds me close
Whenever I'm without you

You said it again, my heart's in motion

Every word feels like a shooting star
Watching the shadows burning in the dark
I'm at the edge of my emotions
And I'm in love and I'm terrified
For the first time and the last time
In my only life

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