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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


he's back into list again
yes! I'm glad
thank god and Alhamdulillah
just hope everything will turns better then before

sometimes i wish life have a reset or initial button
Whenever things gone wrong
I just need to hit the button so it will be restarted
back to the start
fresh and without scars

I guess having u back in the list, wasn't a good idea

kita tahu dan pasti apa yang kita mahukan
Tapi hidup bukan selalu seperti yang kita jangka
Hidup juga bukan selalu indah kerana kita sering diduga
Jadi aku selalu terkeliru...........

Just when i felt like giving up on us
you always turned around and gave me one last touch
that made everything feel better and even then my eyes got wetter..

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