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Monday, December 19, 2011

2012 gonna be busy!

its almost few days more for us to stepped into new year 2012..yehuuuu..
But wait! B4 we're going into "year of lostsa wedding" I got 2 more Engagements to attend. Both are my cousins who are Amy and the other is Yusof!


Which are next and the other week!

Yusof's Engagement on 25th of December 2011

Amy's Engagement on 30th of December 2011

So its the last event on year 2011

However, it's gonna very2 pack schedule on year 2012!Sbb most of my good friend getting merried; Melur, Noraini, Hafizah, Juliza, Akmal and Shazrin Wedding pulak..So mmg kena jadi org kuat lerr..huhu

22 Jan. Melur's Engagement
29 Jan. Noraini's Reception (Bride)
9 Mac. Hafizah's Solemnization
10 Mac. Hafizah's Reception (Bride)
23 Mac. Juliza's Solemnization
24 Mac. Juliza's Reception (Bride)
30 Mac. Akmal's Solemnization
31 Mac. Akmal's Reception (Bride)
1 April. Juliza's Reception (Groom)
25 May. Shazrin's Solemnization-TBC
27 May. Shazrin's Reception-TBC
1 Jun. Melur's Solemnization
2 Jun. Melur's Reception (Bride)
9 Jun. Melur's Reception (Groom)

Phewwwwwww..tu yang dah tau..yg tak inform lg entah le kan..hehe..ape pun aku jugak tak laku..ape lah nasib..sobs! Hahaha..

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