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Friday, November 11, 2011

Master of Engineering

Hola! and good day..

Out of a sudden, i thought of writing this entry. Yup! It's about persuing studies in Master of Engineering. However, due to my financial constrain, i was unable to reached  this dream for now. 
I know people would say "you already have your Degree aite? and now you're working as an engineer, then for what you persue a master?"

For me it's all for my self-satisfactions and of course a great gift to my beloved parents :)

Well, due to lack knowledge on how to apply studying abroad, i only undergo and finished my Degree in a local university; i mean in Malaysia, and it was two years ago. wow, two years? i believe time passes us too fast then. Studying abroad always be one of my dream. I always wish that one day i able to realise the dream.

Britain or England would be the best place to study abroad. Followings are the best University in England and the world. My favorite tooooooo xoxo!

If i've reached my age of 30's and still haven't married, i would want to quit my job, then persue my study abroad. Insyallah...

A survey conducted and here is the link of top 50 best university ranking in Engineering and technologies -->Top 50 Engineering and Technologies Universities 2010-2011 

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