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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Which way r u going? The left one where there is nothin right? Or the right one, where there is nothin left?

Forget about the RIGHT.. Now, im at the Left side...i noe its wrong to have ur love cuz both of us realize that ure belongs to someone else..there is noting right.. but love is too abstract to describe..

"i can't resist my feeling to love n to
be loved by u thou im tied oredi"

Lately, some friends of mine in facebook changing their relationship status from "single" to "in relationship"..gembira untuk diorg cuz it's nicer 2 c a complete sentence rather then a phrase thats completely hanging n doesnt even make any hanging n our relationship seems like heading nowhere..but im afraid to lose u...

"Haruskah ku kehilangan tuk kesekian kali? Tuhan kumohon jangan lakukan itu..Jikalau memang harus ku alami duka, kuatkan hati ini menerimanya"

Never thought dat i'll love u dis deep..without i even relize, i already give away to u all of my heart ..ingat lg kata2 i kat die mase mula2 berkenalan.

"juz go wit d flow...ala..nnt i da jumpe org lain i tinggal la u"

Betol kate bro kat opis (bro nih ske bercerita, aku yg asik lepak opis nih denga jela die membebel tiap2 ari..layan jela,nnt touchin plak, org tue..ahaha;D), cakap mmg senang tp cube buat skali..hurmm...

He always there whenever i need sumbody to talk to..He always there to be my crying shoulder..That's the strands in u that ave stop me and steel my breath away..

Mmg dr mula i ske die tp xmengharapkan ape2 coz die xpenah hide ape2 pasal gf..but then everything change when he text me

"i dh ur place in my heart is fully need to worry
cos im starting to luv u full heartedly"

That's when i start hoping that our relationship will go to nxt not a princess, this aint a fairy tale that always end up wit "happily ever after"..Seperti biasa kebahagiaan xkan lame untuk aku n word "happiness" seems not synonym with nisa alwy..they get together again..its good for them but ofcos im is hard for me to disguise my own feelings...

Selama i bersama2 dia, i never wanted to ruin their relationship..even die penah tanya i, wut wud i feel if they end up their relationship?

"Dalam relationship,
kalau boleh dikekalkan..even
i dgn ex dlu pon klu bleh i nak kitorg kekal.."

But now i dah start rase selfish...bile.....

"pls bare in ur mind dat im yours..
im enjoying lovin u at dis moment n
wana keep dis feeling permenently
in my heart"

'Us' is really killing me totally out of my mind..Skrg i dh start rase bengang bile taim i cal, line die 'waiting'..i jeles tgk komen2 gf die kat fb..I hate to think if die ckp "i love u" n "i mis u" kat gf die..eventhou she deserve dat..

"i wish u n ur love r only for me.
If only i meet u b4 her.
If only..."

i thod dat i can accept dis kind of i positively sure dat i overestimated myself. I forgot dat no two things can occupy the same space (ur heart) at the same time...Loving sumone who at same time loves some one else too, feels like ure hugging a cactus, the tighter u embrace, the more it hurts..

Im so sorry..i noe im hurting, making u confiused, stressed n pushed u too much (dats how d 10 days wujud)..i never want to put u in dis situation..

"im gonna make a decision bout our relationship. after 10 days i'll call u n giv d answer..juz need u 2 be ready wuteva circumstances happen"

He's putting a period on something that has to end n i think dat he shud juz settle on a comma..i never want to hear he say goodbye..of all goodbye, the kind that which hurt the most was the one ur ears never heard of, yet ur heart knew it's already been said n im hurt enough..

"Aku sadar kalau kini kita sudah smakin menjauh..Kini aku sadari ini salahku.Maafkanlah bila ku selalu membuatmu marah dan benci padaku. Ku lakukan itu semua hanya tuk buatmu bahagia. Mungkin ku cuma tak bisa pahami bagaimana cara tunjukkan maksudku. Aku cuma ingin jadi terbaik untukmu...."

I already knew dat we're never meant for each other, even without dat 10 days. Guess i have to swallow the sad reality that the best isn't me...

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